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Tera Term Pro 4.76, l’émulateur terminal gratuit et en français, est maintenant compatible avec Windows 8

Je ne vous présente plus Tera Term Pro ! Tera Term est un logiciel open-source. Il émule les différents types de terminaux informatiques, de DEC VT100 à DEC VT382. Il prend en charge Telnet, SSH 1 et 2 et port série. Il dispose également d’une macro intégrée langage de script et quelques autres plugins utiles.


2012.12.02 (Ver 4.76)

  • Changes
    • added support for the SGR 38:2, 48:2(the character and background color changing specified by RGB value). The nearest color with 256 color palette is used.
    • added support the colon(:) separator with the SGR 38:5, 48:5(the character and background color changing specified by RGB value). Refer to the ISO/IEC 8613-6 (ITU-T Rec. T.416).
    • The method of the special folder is changed from reading the registry to SH API.
    • Do not save the VTIcon and TEKIcon entries into the teraterm.ini file.
    • When a ini file can not be written at the Save setup, the error message will be shown.
  • Bug fixes
    • The palette out of range number can not be ignored with the SGR 38:5, 48:5(the character and background color changing specified by RGB value).
    • A string pasted by clipboard will be corrupted with any keyboard layout.
    • The strreplace macro command will be crashed when the ‘matchstr’, ‘groupmatchstr1’ – ‘groupmatchstr9’ system variables are specified as the argument.
  • Misc
    • upgraded TTSSH to 2.63
    • added support for Microsoft Windows 8.
    • upgraded Oniguruma to 5.9.3


2012.12.02 (Ver 2.63)

  • Changes
    • Removed the hmac-sha2-256-96 and hmac-sha2-512-96 of SSH2 HMAC algorithm because these protols are obsolete. Refer to the RFC6668(OpenSSH 6.1).
    • added support for the PuTTY format and SECSH(ssh.com) format of the private key for SSH2 public key authentication.
    • added some service names of the port number at the SSH Fowarding dialog.
    • The length of the DSA key on the SSH Keygenerator is fixed at 1024 bit because the SSH protocol will support only the 1024 bit officially.
    • changed the TTSSH icon to the green color.
  • Bug fixes
    • SCP sending will be failed for SSH server which the window size is small(Dropbear).
    • The SSH data will be corrupted by SSH2 delay re-transmit bug.
    • When the Java Web Start is used with X11 forwaring, Tera Term and Xming will stall.
    • When the X11 forwarding starts, the connection error will be occuured.

Lien – ttssh2

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